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  • Double—Deep pallet rack Double—Deep pallet rack This type of rack based on the pallet rack is designed by our technical staff ...
  • Narrow Aisle Rack Narrow Aisle Rack Narrow aisle rack is one type of storage rack.Because the aisle is narrower t...
  • Drive-in Rack Drive-in Rack Product Name:Drive—in Rack Model Number:Xiteng—HR—DI Place of Origin:China D...
  • Cantilever Duty Rack Cantilever Duty Rack Product Name:Cantilever Rack Model Number:Xiteng—HR—C Place of Origin:China ...
  • Mezzanine Rack Mezzanine Rack Product Name:Mezzanine Rack Model Number:Xiteng—R—AT Place of Origin:China D...
  • Mezzanine Floor Mezzanine Floor Steel platform,with the full compound structure.Floors can be flat plates,che...
  • AS/RS AS/RS Prouct name:AS/RS Body material:Steel structure or reinforced concrete structu...
  • Light Duty Rack Light Duty Rack Product Name:Light Duty Rack Model Numbe r:Xiteng—R—L Place of Origin:China ...
  • Long Span Shelving Long Span Shelving Product Name:Meduim Duty(B)Rack Model Number:Xiteng—R—B Place of Origin:China...
Xiteng RACK

A molding, without any welding, durable

High quality cold-rolled steel, bearing, deformation

Corrosion and rust, beautiful appearance

Widely used in shopping malls, warehouse and enterprise units

Reasonable structure, large storage space, high utilization rate

XITENG Free delivery, installation, commissioning

Other RACK

Multiple welding, unstable

Small and easy to deform

Easy to rust and look ugly

Limited scope of application is limited

Structure is irrational, inconvenient after access

Delivery is not timely, no installation, debugging

High-end production equipment - Ensure a boutique

The most advanced spraying equipment, the latest injection molding machines and other equipment

Heavy load-bearing, non deformation

A molding, without any welding, durable

International Standard——Make sure the best

Corrosion and rust, beautiful appearance

The Scientific warehouse logistics system is free for you to design products with reasonable structure and convenient access to goods.

All products are approved by ISO9001 international quality system, and they are safe to use

Service Medal——To help you solve Rack Doubts

7*24 HourOnline answer, delivery, free installation, debugging

Implement three policies: the performance of fault occurred within 7 days of return, 15 days replacement, 1 years warranty of non-human damage

Classic Case

Xiteng large shuttle shelf project Xiteng large shuttle shelf project Some large storeroom, especially more and more use the shuttle shelves. Compared with the ordinary ...

Xiteng cantilever warehouse shelf project Xiteng cantilever warehouse shelf project The West Teng for the cantilever warehouse shelves to undertake Chinese 500 companies, is the heavy...

Xiteng large heavy-duty shelf project Xiteng large heavy-duty shelf project West Teng shelf has maintained a leading edge in the field of logistics supply chain, we in the con...

Chongqing heavy shelf project Chongqing heavy shelf project In the manufacturing process of household appliances, whether for finished products or production p...

Anhui storehouse cross beam shelf project Anhui storehouse cross beam shelf project The cross beam warehouse rack is a heavy duty storage rack with high utilization rate. At the same ...

Jiangsu transfixion warehouse shelf project Jiangsu transfixion warehouse shelf project Case summary: the main products of this cooperative customer are refrigerated fresh-keeping boxes, ...


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Xiteng shelf do very professional! We are very satisfied

Xiteng shelf do very professional! We are very satisfied

We are an electric power company in Xi'an. Our company stores a lot of power materials, such as transformer, distribution box, optical cable, ele...

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The company's storage shelves Xiteng quality and good service

The company's storage shelves Xiteng quality and good service

We are through the website to find the company found a lot of West Teng, West Teng companies in the past customers, and more customers. Through the t...

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Ningbo Xiteng Racking Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Xiteng shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic manufacturers of storage shelves, warehousing and logistics is a series of warehouse shelves and peripherals design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service as one of the manufacturers.

The company is located in the scenic Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, with a number of domestic and foreign advanced automatic roll forming equipment production lines, has a group of professional warehousing designers and high-quality production and technical personnel, enterprises in a "people-oriented" Business strategy, "forge ahead" concept of development, fast, high quality, low cost and efficient service, over the years won the support and trust from all walks of life.



Material warehouse for colled steel
Production workshop
Pass line
Material warehouse
Automatic punching mashine
Flattering machines for colled steel
Robot welding station
Automatic plastic spraying line
Slitting machines for colled steel


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